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Fun & Creativity


We have many artists at London Bridge! We incorporate art into our daily routine. We have a unit specifically focused on artists in history and the children experiment with different art techniques, leading up to a family art show.


Children love to sing and we love to sing with them! We incorporate songs into our daily circle times with the older children. We also use songs in our lessons that match with the theme of our week or month and provide families with printouts of the songs to practice at home. We also have the local East Greenwich librarian come to our center every other week to engage in a story and music time, which the children love!


In addition to daily indoor and outdoor movement activities, Tumble Bus comes to our center once per month to provide an additional movement activity. On the bus, children are exposed to a variety of motor activities, such as a ball pit, balance beam and slide.


For children to learn language, they have to be surrounded by language. We provide an environment where children hear adults and other children speaking throughout the day, with adults narrating children's play and giving children opportunities to expand their language through open-ended questions and consistent routines.

Mathematics and Science

We love to learn by doing. You can often find our children deep in exploration of a science topic, such as learning about ocean animals, and bringing home information to share with families. We incorporate experiments-such as dipping eggs in different beverages to see what color they will turn- to bring learning to life.

Outside Play

We have a large outdoor fenced in play space with climb-on toys, slides and a boat. Children have room to run and use their imagination with their friends. During the summer, we set up water play activities weekly for each age group.

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